Help kids learn the ABCs with these fun ABC songs (2023)

Learning the alphabet can be very difficult, but using something as simple asABC songs, alphabet songs or alphabet songs can make a difference! These educational songs are just some of thebest songs for kids

Help kids learn the ABCs with these fun ABC songs (1)

It is very important for children to be able to learn the sounds of the letters and to identify and recognize them. Alphabet knowledge and awareness play key rolelearn to read. Alphabet songs are not only fun, but also an invaluable resource that you can use to help your child learn the alphabet. Learning through music gives you the opportunity to learn lyrics in a fun way, making the learning process fun and step-by-step.

As a kindergarten teacher with 15 years of experience, I always try to keep the alphabet at eye level with the children. The best ones are the alphabet with uppercase and lowercase letters, with illustrations to show children how the letters sound.

we love oursAlphabet posters and cardsI make it for home or the classroom.

ABC Children's Songs

Now let's get to the ABC song I've always wanted to know! We've divided them into four categories: alphabet songs, songs that teach the sounds of the letters, alphabet songs with actions, and songs with ASL characters.

How to play music in class or at home

If you want to download music from YouTube ad-free, there are some easy solutions. You can click on the song directly from this post, which should remove most of the ads. First make sure it meets your needs.

If you're only using audio, I useAmazon Music Unlimited. It's not free, but to me it's worth it because we use it every day in the classroom and at home. If you want to download 10+ songs per month, this is great value!

It is compatible with your mobile phone, electronic devices, Alexa and computer. The best part is that when I'm at home, I can download music on my phone using Wi-Fi and the Amazon Music app. This keeps the songs on my phone all the time, and I can play them in class, in the car, or anywhere else.

There is also a music library with 2 million songs.Amazon Prime. I started like this, but I ended up like thisAmazon Music UnlimitedBecause it contains almost all songs.

alphabet song

Sing a song about the alphabet! on sesame street

We all know how much excitement Sesame Street can bring to kids. When children like a character or group of characters, it can stimulate their desire to learn. This movie fits that perfectly. Who doesn't love Big Bird and Elmo when they're learning the alphabet?

ABC Usher song from Sesame Street

It's a fun and cheerful alphabet song! This song has two parts. One is sung by a Sesame Street character and the other is sung by Usher. The characters sing the lyrics themselves, and Usher sings the lyrics that begin with the lyrics. This is helpful for learning letters and initial letter sounds.

dinosaur from head to tailSupplied by PBS Kids

Dinosaur lovers will love this alphabet version of the dinosaur train. Dinosaurs Name a dinosaur with each letter of the alphabet!

crocodiles everywhereby Carol King

The song was part of the musical "Really Rosie," which premiered in 1975. This catchy song brings learning the alphabet to life.

ABC to Mary The Little Lamb with Alina Celeste

This is a great example of singing traditional ABC with a different melody. This helps children learn alphabetical order, not just the songs themselves. Plus, it's fun!

songs that teach letter sounds

Learning Letter Sounds (Jack Hartmann)

This alphabet song is one that kids love to sing over and over again! Jack Hartmann has a lot of alphabet songs, but this one might be our absolute favorite, and it's dedicated to letter recognition and sound.

Bounce Patrol Alphabet Space

Learn the ABCs in space! Friends at Fun Bounce Patrol not only teach the names of the letters, but also their pronunciation, pointing out what each letter begins with. A great song about the alphabet that is also a preschool song about space!

Singing the Alphabet at BPSPathways - Bloomington Public Schools

This alphabet song is a fun way for kids to hear the alphabet, hear starting sounds, and see examples of starting sounds. This trio will really help kids learn and explore the alphabet and initial letter sounds!

Little Baby Bum ABC Songs

I especially love this ABC song because of its bright, big, bold lyrics. This means that children can see colored letters by hearing the sound as well as the words that begin with that letter. This combination is visually perfect for children to better understand and learn the first sounds!

alphabet song with action

Phonercise by Dr. Gene

This song is a perfect example of combining music and action! This helps the child move around during acoustic exercises. This is especially helpful for students who want to learn through movement!

phone songJack Hartman

This video will help kids learn letter sounds and practice letter recognition while practicing. This is the perfect family activity when the kids need a break from awkward moving around. It's also great for kids as it allows you to combine learning with exercise!

"Tell Me What Those Letters Sound Like" by Mr. B

Turn learning the alphabet into a fun dance with this reggae alphabet set!

ABC Sign Language Songs

These songs are perfect if you're teaching American Sign Language in your classroom! Plus, we've got a great free ASL gift for you to claim!

Help kids learn the ABCs with these fun ABC songs (4)

view, tell, subscribeJack Hartman

This is an easy and fun way to practice the alphabet and learn the American Sign Language alphabet. The video shows the lyrics in sign language, shows the written lyrics, and has the voice of the lyrics spoken. Learning sign language will not only help you learn the alphabet, it will also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Sing the alphabet in a performance of the super easy song

It's perfect for combining American Sign Language and the alphabet! Learning a second language, including American Sign Language, is beneficial in many ways.

If you're looking for more great and educational music for kids, check out our to teach,rhyming songs for children, eThe Best Music Guide for Preschoolers

Alphabet activities pair perfectly with alphabet songs! Here are some of our favorite alphabet activities. Click on the picture to learn more!

Help kids learn the ABCs with these fun ABC songs (8)

We've also compiled tons of our favorite songs into a convenient printable format! Includes posters, cards, and music sticks designed to make cycling time a breeze! Check them out on our websiteshop

Help kids learn the ABCs with these fun ABC songs (9)
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Help kids learn the ABCs with these fun ABC songs? ›

Around age 2: Kids start recognizing some letters and can sing or say aloud the “ABC” song. Around age 3: Kids may recognize about half the letters in the alphabet and start to connect letters to their sounds. (Like s makes the /s/ sound.)

At what age should a child be able to sing the ABC song? ›

Around age 2: Kids start recognizing some letters and can sing or say aloud the “ABC” song. Around age 3: Kids may recognize about half the letters in the alphabet and start to connect letters to their sounds. (Like s makes the /s/ sound.)

How do you teach a child ABC fast? ›

  1. Singing Them Alphabet Songs.
  2. Letter Matching Games.
  3. Alphabet Boxes.
  4. Use Letters as Means of Interdisciplinary Learning.
  5. Flashcards.
  6. Indulge in Making Foods Shaped Like Letters To Learn Faster.
  7. Reading Alphabet Books.
  8. Sensory Activities.
Mar 29, 2023

How do children learn through songs? ›

Listening to and creating music helps children learn numeracy, literacy and emotional skills. Incorporating music into routines and play in the early years has a positive influence on your child's early development. It can get them moving, thinking and inspire creativity.

How do you teach a song step by step? ›

Teach the words, movements and/or concepts (like rhyming) first. Break the instruction into small segments. Demonstrate or explain each segment with the children mirroring what you do. Slowly talk, chant or sing the songs a cappella.

What are the three methods for teaching songs? ›

The methods of teaching music can be broken down into the 4 most popular ones and 3 other notable ones each with their own goals and tools: Orff-Schulwerk. Kodaly-Inspired Teaching. Dalcroze Eurhythmics.

What are the ABCS of music? ›

Memorize the 7 letters of the musical alphabet: C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C. Memorize the 12 chromatic notes. … ascending: C, C♯, D, D♯, E, F, F♯ G, G♯, A, A♯, B, C.

What is song teaching method? ›

Songs can be used as a valuable teaching and learning tool. Using songs can help learners improve their listening skills and pronunciation; they can also be useful for teaching vocabulary and sentence structures. Probably the greatest benefit to using songs in the classroom is that they are enjoyable.


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