Growth hair: better varieties, planting threads, care, problems and harvesting (2023)

You like a hot bowl of oatmeal with fruits for breakfast or oats and raisins? So you should cultivate oats.

Oats is a nutrient -rich grain that is a wonderful meal not only for humans, but also for cattle.

When comparing grains, oats are higher in protein. Most recent varieties contain up to 22 %. They are recognized by reducing cholesterol and reducing fiber.

Oatmeal is a sturdy grain and is really very easy to cultivate.Afinal, oats are basically a herb.

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How much space do I need?

Oats can produce £ 36 with bushel.Gene logsdonStates in his book Small -Whole Grain Acenta, which produces a raw oatmeal of fourteen pounds of wrapped oats.

You can make five shrubs in 1/12 hectares, the 60 × 60 feet garden is × 30.

The best types of oats

Growth hair: better varieties, planting threads, care, problems and harvesting (2)

You can cultivate oats like food for you or animals. You can also cultivate it as a coverage harvest or aNursing cultivation.Il a sufficient variety for your needs.

Oats without helmet

Oats without helmet,NUDA AVENASometimes they are called "naked oats".

Technically speaking, plants still have a helmet, but it is not so firm and easier to remove than the standard helmet. This system takes between 100 and 20 days to reach maturity.

Look for varieties such as crown oxide resistant serpentins.

Shared oats

Ordinary oats,Avena sativaIt is a white oat that has a sturdy helmet and needs hand or machines.

You also have a lot of biomass if you want to use it asRoofThis variety is high performance.

Food oats

Food oats,Avena sativaThey are a variety of tough winter that can be used as coverage harvest or winter feeding for cattle or wild animals such as deer and turkey. They are incredibly resistant to disease, with a smoother trunk like usual oats.

Look for varieties such as Reeves, Niagra and Everleaf. These varieties mature in 49-56 days.

Black oats

Black oats,Avena, originally cultivated in Scotland as a food for humans, but can now be seen mainly as a cattle food in South America. It is worth going to the local garden as a food cultivation or covering the harvest.

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Black oats have a high biomass, they are incredibly easy to cultivate and overcome.

Sometimes they are called Japanese or oats.


Oat flakes should be planted as wheat in spring and fall. Most people mean spring oats, but if they are in the south, they may choose to sow in the fall.

Growth hair: better varieties, planting threads, care, problems and harvesting (3)

Oatmeal is a cold climate harvested and they do not take care of a cloud and a rainy climate.

Oats like a climate similar to potatoes. You have a fresh and damp spring.

Choose the right place

Avena plant in full sun.How a pH between 6.0 and 7.5.

Oats need a drainage floor well.

Oats like moderately rich soil without much nitrogen. He adds a lot of man to the manure to age in front of the plants.


In early spring, oats should be sown directly on the floor.

Farmers usually transfer oat seeds and then superficially until they occur, they can also save them in them.

You only need a small amount of land to cover the seeds. The seeds at the top of the floor germinate, but birds probably eat them first.

If you choose to plant in a garden area instead of a field, it suggests maintaining more easily on the lines. Sama from four to fifteen centimeters away and on rows at least 30 cm away.

Keep soft and damp seedlings as oats need moisture to germinate.


Growth hair: better varieties, planting threads, care, problems and harvesting (4)


Oats with water. Work your wet oatmeal and check the plants in search of dryness during the hot and sunny summer days.IrrigateIt works well for oats or can flood or handle water. Try pouring from below so as not to promote fungal diseases.


Weeds, especially several years of weeds, can be a problem for young oats. He needs to prepare their floor to eliminate dirt and crop to minimize weed growth.

The advantage of sending seeds is that it creates a dense plantation that can overcome weeds. Oats is a grass and becomes tight quickly.


If you traditionally plant in lines, you need to go several times or even in the ranks during the season, so that weeds do not compete against oat nutrients.


Try your floor in front of the planting to determine if there is a defect. If you integrate the ground, if necessary. If you make sure the floor is prepared correctly, you will not need to fertilize during the growth station.

Problems and solutions for oat cultivation

Oats have fewer insect problems than other grain plants. That's what can be seen:

Crown oxide

Crown oxideIt is the most common disease to disturb oats, especially in the south, where there is more moisture. It is caused by a fungus.

More often, they see a brown family base on plants or can see how white points form in their harvest.

Prevention is the best healing. If you are in a state that tends to the oxide crown, look for resistant oat varieties.

Septoria Blattfleck

Septoria is a disease caused by a fungus. This lazy influence of grain plants, including oats.

First, you notice round or diamond spots on the leaves, followed by black lesions in the rods. When the disease continues, grains can infect and form black lesions.

Be sure to have a good rotation of plants and varieties resistant to plants that have this disease in your region. You can also use a plant mushroom.

Plants that accompany

Oats are often cultivated as a supplementary plant to control weeds.

Harvesting and storage

Harn the beans while you are still a little soft. When you expect you to try it, the plant starts to release it and lose it when you fall to the floor.

You may regularly check oats to determine if the nuclei are ready. The seeds should be a little soft but firm.

Growth hair: better varieties, planting threads, care, problems and harvesting (5)

To harvest the seeds, you must remove the heads from the seeds.krit, as you can above, because it makes it easier for thresh. More late, it can harvest the stem and dry to straw.

You can also allow your cattle between coma. I have a friend who does not want to book a time to harvest the stems. Fertilize.


Once you can reap the top with the seeds, you need to heal. There are several ways to do this. I mean that the seeds of the seeds need to let them dry.

It is easy to extend the seed heads on a screen.

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Do not forget to protect the oats from your wild chickens or birds. Colete a mesh screen of me on my climb to protect it.

If you want to hang the oats to dry, you need to connect to connect and turn off. If you turn off the oats, remember that helmets can open and release some seeds when dried, so you need something below to catchSomething that all seeds fall.

Cut the oats when the grain harden and the stems are slightly green. The green disappears when the plant dries. Evite the stems in the packages and put themflammableHang to dry.

to roll

Like many grains, oats have a cover called helmet that is not edible.

The assistant simply eliminates the helmet helmet. This is mechanically done on large farms. However, it is also easy to do manually.

Depending on the type of oats they grow, thermal baths may vary.

There are several ways to remove the seeds from the helmet. They are very pleasant and, for a good time, for the family!

One fun and easy way to remove the seeds is to put all oats between two clean leaves and then blink and jump down the upper blade. Please, see? I told you that it would be fun.

This will work that seeds lose without their feet dirty.

Zipper oats

For oats without a helmet, as the helmet is not so united, you can turn to any straw in oats.


Save your oats in an airtight container.


Obviously, you can make your own oats or Muesli, but you are not afraid of being creative.Hafermilchat home. You have to doEnergy ballsGiftMuffin, asMexican Bowl Avena.

You can also use oats to relieve inflamed skin or treat acne.

Growth hair: better varieties, planting threads, care, problems and harvesting (6)

You are ready to cultivate oats

Oatmeal is a multi -proportion plant. You can reap the grain for the consumption of humans or animals and the straw or bed lines.

If you want to impress your friends, tell them that Rolls Royce Car Company wore oat helmets to polish the pistons on their cars.

Cultivation of oats is an easy way to add to what you produce.

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