Grilled cheese taco burrito (impartial recipe!) - cheese (2023)

Grilled cheese taco burrito (impartial recipe!) - cheese (1)Linley Hanson

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This copy catBell Burrito Bell of grill cheeseIt's sticky, kitsch and absolutely delicious. You don't have to ask yourself if you can become a brutrite of grill cheese!

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Bell Burrito Bell of grill cheese

Raise your hand when you had itTaco Bell's grill cheese burrito.It is one of the most delicious objects of the kitchen of Taco Bell. It has a creamy and kitsch inside with a crunchy cheese outside, you simply cannot overcome it.

Why are we obsessed with these stupid?

  • It can make the famous grilled cheese break at home.
  • We love crispy and kitsch out of grill cheese.
  • Fold the recipe and you will have grill cheese burritos all week.
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Ingredients you need

All ingredients for this grilled cheese burrito are ingredients that people normally have at home. It is a mixture of delicious flavors of Chipotle and other simple ingredients.

And the Bell Taco cheese burrito?

The Bell cheese blur consists of experienced meat, a kitschy and chipotle -saurahm. Our version uses similar ingredients, but easier to make it easier.

  • Ground meat- We use seasoned meat as a basis for this grilled cheese, stupid. We are 85/15 meat.
  • Spices (granulated garlic, dust pepper, salt and pepper)-Meat meat is seasoned with garlic, pepper, salt and pepper.
  • Sudden- Oh baby, don't skip your cream.
  • Chipotle's spicy sauce-The key flavor in this burrito is chipotle and comes from a delicious chipotle -saurahm in Bells Burrito Taco. We have ours with the spicy sauce Chipotle.
  • PepperWe gave the chipotle spicy sauce with a fire pepper pepper.
  • Spanish riceIt would not be a little flip without rice!
  • Queso cheddar jack- Check Jack is with the burrito and melted cheese.
  • Red Tripta Tortillery-The crisis in the middle of the bell is ausa the stupid cheese to the grill are spicy red tortilla strips.
  • oil- Add some olive oil to the pan to make sure the tortillas do not remain in the pan.
  • Great burrito tortillasYou want to have large tortillas or xl flour. There is a lot of stuffed that flows to these evil children.

Change of ingredients

There are some simple swaps for this Burrito recipe, but remember that when I make exchanges, you know less than the Bell Taco version.

Coupled wooden meat -> ground turkey, ground pork, ground chicken or mixture

Sauerhm - Greek year

Español Rice -> Blanco Rice O Marón

Queso Cheddar Jack -> Cheddar, Monterey Jack, White Cheddar cheese

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This is the experienced cream

The Chipotle frame in the club's grilled cheese blur is given inside the grilled cheese burritos.

We skip cheese with cheese and add the grated cheese of the chipotle frame to prepare a simpler cheese sauce and cut a few steps of the recipe.

While cooking the burrito, the cheese melts in the chipotle and becomes a delicious cheese sauce.

Where do I buy the Chipotle sour cream?

In some supermarkets you will find Chipotle -Saerrahm.Chipotle's spicy sauce(It is so good) and acid cream.

Do you still want cheese?

Do you still want cheese in your burrito? Do you feel comfortable by adding 1/4 cup of our delicious ask your burrito to a creamy and dirty blur.

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How to make these grilled cheese dillables

The key to facilitating the process for this burrito is to ensure to measure all its ingredients in advance and follow the instructions so that the assembly works without problems.

Cook meat

First, add your meat to the meat to a large pan and cook the meat and add the pepper powder, granulated garlic, salt and pepper to the meat. Herry the meat in its spices until it is completely cooked.

Make the experienced cream

Prepare the chipotle -sauhm after the end of the meat. Add the acid cream, addChipotle's spicy saucePepper fall in a bowl.

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Assemble stupidity

Some people like to send their stupidity, but for this recipe, we recommend mixing all the ingredients to a small bowl and then adds it in the middle of their tortilla.

Why do we combine the filling before?

Wrap your omelette so that the entire filling is incorporated into the middle of the burrito without falling until you have four stupidity.


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Melt the cheese

It is time to melt a small cheese that, at some point, represents a kitsch blanket around its surroundings, spray the olive oil in a pan and then cheese per 1/4 cups in a line in the middle of the cheese.

Make your grilled cheese cheese

Place a heavy cast iron pan on the burrito and let the cheese melt in the burrito for 3-4 minutes. The blur slowly with a spatula and bleached the other side of the donkeys.

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Tips + Questions

Can I make this vegetarian recipe?

Yes, you can replace meat with chopped fungi (be sure to boil them) or the most popular vegetarian soil.

What ingredients can I add to a grill cheese disseyer?

Feel free to add peppers, onions or mushrooms cooked to this burrito.

What can I immerse my cheese on the grill?

We love to dive our grilled cheese burritos with parsley or spicy sauce.

Will Taco Bell bring grill cheese back?

Taco Bell Burrito of grill cheese is currently in Taco Bell. Take one and compare it with this recipe!

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How do I keep me?

Keep this stupidity in a hermetic container after letting them cool completely. They will be in the fridge for about 3 days.

Can I freeze?

Yes, you can freeze these burritos. Let the burritos cool completely and then surround them individually in metal plates.

To heat this stupidity, decompress stupidity and place them in a baking source, sprinkle with olive oil and bake for 25-30 minutes to 350ºF.

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Bell Burrito Bell of grill cheese

The recipe for this copy of the cat's grill is simple and aromatic.

Preparation:15 Protocol

Cook:20 Protocol

Sin total:35 Protocol





PressTo evaluate


Meat meat experiences

  • 1 Libra. 85/15 meat meat
  • 1 Cuchara of Ten Granulated garlic
  • ½ Cuchara of Ten Libra
  • ½ Cuchara of Ten Sal
  • ¼ Cuchara of Ten Pfeffer

Sorty Agriya Day Chipotle

  • 1 Taxes Sudden
  • 1 soup spoon Chipotle's spicy sauce
  • ¼ Cuchara of Ten peppers

Other ingredients

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  • First prepare the meat.Hot a large non -giganic pan over medium heat. Add the minced meat tray and break the meat. Specifies granulated garlic, pepper powder, salt and pepper in the flesh.

  • Let the meat boil in the spices until it is completely cooked for 5-7 minutes.

  • Remove the meat from the stove and place it on the side.

  • Prepare and Chipotle -Sauirrah.Place the acidic cream, spicy sauce and the pepper pepper in a bowl and mix until they are well combined. They have the side of the edge.

  • Assemble a burrito.Place ¼ pound of meat in a large bowl. Add ¼ cup of chipotle -sarahm, ¼ cup of rice, ½ cup of cheese and ¼ cup of tortilla strips in the bowl. Due to the ingredients until they combine.The mixture adds the mixture in the middle of an omelet, double 2 pages and rolle in a burrito.

  • Cook the burrito.Heat the same large pan, no -No -tram over medium/high heat. AGGREGNo -To: Add the pan and place the burrito to the cheese.

  • Carefully place a heavy cast iron pan in the burrito, let the burrito cook with its cheese for 3-4 minutes or until the cheese melts and begin to brown.

  • Remove the molten iron tray from the burrito and carefully turn the burrito. Cocine the burrito for another 2-3 minutes or until they are golden on the opposite side.

  • Repeat steps 5-7 until 4 stupidity are mounted and cooked.

  • Let Burrito rest for 1 minutes before serving.

Tips and notes

  • We find that the cheese melts better when they mix all the ingredients and wrap them. If they are a type of person in layers, they can also be free.
  • Be sure to buy XL tortillas, need the room.

Nutritional information

Calories:869Kcal Carbohydrates:44Grams Protein:45Grams Fett:57Grams Estapas:2Grams Zucker:6Grams

Author:Linley Hanson

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Grilled cheese taco burrito (impartial recipe!) - cheese (17)


Posted on 12.01.2022

Income evaluation:

Grilled cheese taco burrito (impartial recipe!) - cheese (18)
This recipe is delicious and super fun! I never had this special bell blur, but the idea of melting cheese outside a burrito.IAdd frozen black beans to our stupidity.
I think I can never return to boring stupidity!


Emily Richter

Posted on January 21, 2022

answer toDevan

Three happiness, to never eat boring stupidity again! I am so happy that you liked this recipe, devan 😀


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Grilled cheese taco burrito (impartial recipe!) - cheese (20)


Posted on 02/20/2022

Income evaluation:

Grilled cheese taco burrito (impartial recipe!) - cheese (21)
The instructions do not say that the rice should add, so I almost forgot to add it to Burrito. I would show the mixture so that it remains better instead.



Emily Richter

Posted on January 21, 2022

answer toGary

Thank you for getting it, Gary! We update the recipe 🙂


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