Chin and Neck Liposuction in Gold Coast and Brisbane (2023)

What is Chin and Neck Liposuction?

Chin and Neck Liposuction in Gold Coast and Brisbane (1)

LiposuctionNeck and jaw resurfacing is one of the most valuable procedures in clinical plastic surgery. Due to the short procedure time, low risk and relative cheapness, the patient's appearance changes dramatically. Liposuction is performed on areas of fatty tissue that have not disappeared after weight loss and exercise. This procedure can remove stubborn fat and reshape the body's curves.

Neck liposuction is performed through a small incision under the chin and can be performed in conjunction with facial rejuvenation treatments such asface lifting. Liposuction is performed through a small, inconspicuous incision on the chin. Fat is removed through a hollow tube called a cannula. Liposuction is not a weight loss method, nor is it a cure for obesity.

Am I a good candidate for chin and neck liposuction?

Liposuction is a good option for people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of the neck and jaw due to fatty tissue buildup. If you want to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment, here are some eligibility factors to consider:

  • Do you have pockets of fat around your neck?
  • you must be in good health
  • You must have realistic expectations and goals
  • You must have firm and elastic skin.
  • You cannot take certain medicines and supplements
  • The appearance of your beard and neck can affect your mental health and self-image
  • You care about the appearance of your neck and jaw.
  • you don't smoke
  • You are within 30% of your ideal weight.

Benefits of Liposuction

A sagging jaw and excess fat around the jaw and neck can affect how you feel. Liposuction surgery is widely recognized for its effective and precise facial contouring results. One of the main advantages of chin liposuction surgery is that it involves less pain and discomfort and faster recovery than chin liposuction treatment.Injection to dissolve fat

The result is subtle and unobtrusive. What's more, liposuction on the chin and neck can also help tighten the skin. Some other benefits include shorter healing time, minimal bleeding, minimal swelling, and minimal pain and discomfort. Liposuction is best for people with good skin tone and elasticity, as the skin takes on a new contour.

before and after photos

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Liposuction Procedure

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Chin and neck liposuction is an outpatient procedure that is relatively small.

Below are the basic steps for chin and neck liposuction:

  • Dr DoyleYour jaw and neck will be examined and marked to determine which areas will be liposuctioned and where the cannula will be inserted.
  • The surgical area is then thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic solution to minimize risk.risk of infection
  • Doyle will then inject a local anesthetic into the neck to numb the skin and underlying tissue.
  • Doyle will then make small incisions in the skin large enough to insert a liposuction cannula.
  • After the liposuction cannula is inserted, Dr. Doyle will perform a back and forth or fanning motion to remove excess fat. During this time, he carefully monitors the amount of fat removed to ensure a smooth, even appearance to the face.
  • After the fat is removed, the cannula is removed and the incision is closed.
  • After surgery, bandages are applied as needed. This usually includes a neck support garment to support the skin while it heals.

How to Define and Shape Your Face

Recovery period after liposuction

Most bruising and swelling disappear within two weeks. Minor neck discomfort is common after neck and chin liposuction. Dr. Doyle prescribed pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications to keep the patient comfortable throughout the recovery period. During this time, you will wear a compression bandage for 1 week after neck liposuction to keep your neck tight day and night, and then every night for the next two weeks.

Your Program Journey


yourInitial Consultation with Dr. DoyleThis is the first step in liposuction and involves choosing a surgeon and meeting with him for an evaluation to ensure you have realistic expectations for the procedure. During the consultation, Dr. Doyle will explain the details of the procedure and the benefits and risks so you can decide if it is right for you.

It is highly recommended that you be completely honest and forthright with Dr. Doyle when discussing your expectations and goals for your procedure. This will ensure that Dr. Doyle ensures the desired results are achieved. If these goals cannot be achieved with one liposuction procedure alone, Dr. Doyle can recommend other related procedures that you may have concurrently to meet your expectations.

postoperative recovery

The recovery period after chin liposuction can be quite comfortable for the patient. The slight swelling peaked on the third day and was almost completely gone by the second week. Other helpful steps include elevating your head with 2 pillows when sleeping, avoiding salty foods, and drinking plenty of fluids for 2 weeks after surgery. Here are some postoperative suggestions for you:

  • Ask a family member, friend or loved one to drive you home. Even though you will be awake during the procedure, wearing a compression garment can be a bit distracting at first.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for at least 2 weeks after surgery.
  • The compression garments used by Dr. Doyle must be worn at all times, as failure to do so may worsen the outcome of the procedure.

Chin and Neck Liposuction Risks and Complications

patients should expect thisside effects may occurAfter chin and neck liposuction. Side effects may be related to the use of anesthetic drugs, such as drug allergy and hypersensitivity reactions, as well as local side effects, such as bleeding, bruising, infection, and sometimes damage to nearby structures. The most common symptoms after neck liposuction are numbness, tingling, swelling, bruising, and discomfort. However, other symptoms cannot be ruled out.

Although serious complications are rare, patients remain vulnerable to them after surgery. Therefore, patients should be alert for signs of possible serious complications.

You should discuss these side effects in detail with your surgeon so that an informed decision can be made. Note that most of the complications and side effects of chin and neck liposuction surgery can be avoided by choosing a qualified and highly qualified professional plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.reserveJoin Dr. Doyle today.

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How much does chin and neck liposuction cost?

oxygenNeck and Jaw Liposuction PricesIt varies based on how much liposuction is needed and whether the procedure is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia in Dr. Doyle's office. The total cost may include anesthesia, surgeon, and hospital fees. This fee may or may not be related to the pre-anesthesia exam. There may be some charges for discharge medicines, including antibiotics and pain relievers.

Dr. Doyle uses advanced technology to provide the highest quality liposuction. A surgeon's salary reflects his 30 years of experience and commitment to achieving natural results. Since neck or chin liposuction is primarily a cosmetic procedure, it will not be discounted by Medicare. If you are looking for a treatment for sagging and saggy neck skin, oneneck liftcan be considered a viable alternative. For more information on pricing, please see our pricing resources:

  • treatment price
  • Will health insurance cover me?
  • excellent for surgery
  • Available payment methods
  • payment plan

How long does it take to recover after neck liposuction?

Recovery time after cervical liposuction depends on the individual situation and the extent of the procedure. Typically, the day after surgery, patients can return to daily activities and work within 2 weeks of surgery. Constant pressure on the neck may last for several weeks. Minor bruising and swelling are considered normal. Symptoms usually subside after the first week, but tension may persist for several months.

How painful is chin liposuction (chin liposuction)?

Pain from lipolysis under the chin is usually mild. Because it is a minimally invasive surgery, only a small incision is needed to insert the cannula, and there is little soft tissue damage, so the pain is relatively mild. With the use of post-operative pain medication and a compression garment, pain is usually less of a problem.

Will you stay awake during your chin liposuction?

Liposuction can be performed under local or general anesthesia. If local anesthesia is used, the patient is fully awake throughout the procedure. Anxious patients are often sedated before surgery, which means you may not be fully awake.

How to sleep after chin liposuction?

Falling asleep after liposuction can be difficult, especially for those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. For at least 1 to 2 weeks after surgery, sleep on your back with your head elevated on 2 pillows. Avoid turning your head from side to side if possible.

How long will the results of chin liposuction last?

Chin and neck liposuction removes fat from the chin and upper neck. If your weight stays the same, the results should last a long time. If you gain weight, you store fat in these areas. Although most of the fat cells are removed, the remaining fat cells can grow to four times their normal size. Skin may sag as we age, but the process is slow and gradual. The most important thing you can do to prevent this process is to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid obesity.

How long will it take to see results after chin liposuction?

After the first week, you'll start noticing a difference. Final results are usually visible after six months. Since edema is common after liposuction surgery, it can take several weeks to subside, even with compression devices and massage techniques. It may take up to 6 months for the skin to harden.

Will chin liposuction fail?

Complications are possible with any surgical procedure and these will be discussed with Dr. Doyle during the consultation. The recovery period is also very important. With timely medication and appropriate clothing, the risk of complications is very low.

Can I drive after chin liposuction?

Liposuction under local anesthesia is an outpatient procedure, and you can drive after the procedure. If you are receiving any type of sedation or general anesthesia, it is best not to drive for 24 hours after surgery.

Will the fat come back after chin liposuction?

If fat is broken down to maintain weight, the fat generally doesn't come back. If you gain weight, your body's fat cells grow. Since there are fewer fat cells on the neck and chin after liposuction, there will be less tension in this area than if you hadn't had liposuction. Many liposuction patients who gain weight still look better than they did without liposuction.

Why am I skinny but my face is chubby?

Genetics play an important role in determining the structure of our body parts. It can be any color eyes, face, height etc. Genetic traits can also affect face shape. A round face will make you look fuller than a square face.

Why do I have a thick neck but I'm thin?

If you're thin but have a lot of neck fat, you may be genetically predisposed to developing stubborn fat under the chin. Other causes of double chins in thin people include poor posture and age.

Why am I skinny but have a double chin?

If you're thin and have a double chin, you may have a genetic predisposition to accumulate stubborn fat under your chin. Stubborn fat accumulation is a genetic predisposition. In such cases, liposuction can be very effective.

Can I lose face and neck fat overnight?

Losing fat is inherently challenging, and losing excess facial fat can be difficult. Losing weight cannot be done overnight, it must be a process of diet, exercise and persistence. These tips may help:

  • do facial exercises
  • Add cardio to your routine
  • Drink more water
  • limit alcohol consumption
  • limit refined carbohydrates
  • change your sleep schedule
  • watch your sodium intake
  • eat more fiber

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