Cannellini Beans vs. Great Northern Beans (2023)

We're sure you, like us, have stumbled upon the age-old white bean problem. You've decided to try a new recipe and it calls for kidney beans. Yes, it is, just "white beans". Didn't you think of that?

Don't you know how many different types of kidney beans there are?

Cannellini Beans vs. Great Northern Beans (1)

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the kidney bean is the age-old debate between the cannellini bean and the great northern bean. They are equal? Are these different beans? And how do you tap into your full potential?

As it turns out, Cannellini and Great Northern are two different beans with different qualities that you need to be aware of.


  • Frijoles Cannellini
  • Large northern beans
    • How do you know?
  • When do I use which beans?
  • How do you cook Cannellini and Great Northern Beans?
    • How do you prepare them?
    • Is there a way to cook beans faster?
  • A warning about cannellini beans
    • But only if you eat these beans raw
  • pressure bean
  • final thoughts

Frijoles Cannellini

Cannellini beans come dry or from a cannellini. Okay, sorry, that was horrible.

These are large kidney beans related to the red kidney bean. They are also called white beans or even by their Italian name,fazólia. These beans are actually white and slightly kidney-shaped except that the tips are somewhat flattened.

Cannellini Beans vs. Great Northern Beans (2)

The cannellini bean was originally developed in Argentina but is better known in ArgentinaItalian kitchenin the days of today. This is the bean that goes into silky minestrone soup and bean casseroles of all kinds. The beans have a very mild taste, slightly brown. When cooked to perfect tenderness, they have a fluffy, light texture that melts in the mouth.

Large northern beans

Our other competitor to kidney beans is the large northern bean. They are smaller than cannellini beans but larger than the kidney beans found in typical canned baked beans.

They are more similar in shape to broad beans than beans, meaning they are flatter and rounder. These beans are sometimes called "big white beans" because there are some creative minds out there.

Cannellini Beans vs. Great Northern Beans (3)

How do you know?

It's not much different than cannellini beans, if we're being honest. They also have a mild, slightly nutty taste. The only major differences are that the meat is slightly firmer and the skin is slightly thinner, even after cooking. Popular in the United States, these beans are used in chili, soups, and baked bean casseroles.

When do I use which beans?

When considering the taste of cannellini beans versus Great Northern Beans, the truth is that they taste almost exactly the same. Because of this, they can be used interchangeably in almost any dish that calls for "white beans." At the same time, they have slightly different personalities and are more suitable for different types of dishes.

Use cannellini beans if you likeBeans melt in your mouthafter a long cooking time but you want them to keep their shape. Italian bean soup minestrone is a great example. These beans absorb much of the flavor of whatever they cook, so they can be surprising little packets of flavor when you bite into them.

Cannellini Beans vs. Great Northern Beans (4)

Use large northern beans if you plan to blend or puree the beans. Because their skins are slightly thinner and softer, Great Northern Beans are blended to a smoother consistency than cannelloni beans. A great example of this is the white bean dip, which mixes the beans with olive oil and lemon juice, almost like white bean hummus.

How do you cook Cannellini and Great Northern Beans?

When you buy cannelloni cannelloni, how do you do it?THE BEST CANNED CANNELLINI BEANS ON THE BUSH, or like big northern beans365 Everyday Value, Bio-Nordbohnen, they are basically ready to eat. Just rinse them well and drain before adding them to soups, stews and salads.

If you're looking to save up a supply of dried cannellini beans, you'll like the delicious onesDried camellia cannellini beans, or large northern dry beans such asCamellia Dry Mark Great Northern Beans, at home you can buy them in large bags and prepare them as needed. Dried beans basically survive a nuclear attack, so don't worry about buying a bag that's too big.

How do you prepare them?

You can soak the beans overnight to reduce cooking time. Simply rinse the beans and soak them in room temperature water for at least five hours. Once soaked, the beans will cook much faster.

You can cook them in a regular pot for about an hour and a half. Keep an eye on them and every 15 minutes skim off the scum floating on top of the water. This foam can burn on the edge of the pan and give the beans an unpleasant taste.

Is there a way to cook beans faster?

To save time, you can cook them in 20-30 minutes if you have a pressure cooker; EITHERPresto 01362 6 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure CookerIt is an excellent option and highly recommended.

In any case, it's best not to add acidic ingredients (like vinegar or tomatoes) or salt to the water in the early stages of cooking. This can cause the pods of the beans to become tougher and tougher, especially with cannelloni beans.

A warning about cannellini beans

We all know that beans are a magical fruit. However, did you know that cannellini beans and their cousin, kidney beans, can make you sick? Both beans contain a large amount of a plant chemical calledPhytohämagglutinin(ushe wrote,Oftry to say), which can lead to severe nausea and vomiting.

But only if you eat these beans raw

Soaking the beans and boiling them for at least 10 minutes deactivates this chemical and makes them safe. While it sounds crazy to eat hard dried beans, some recipes call for bean powder, which you can make by mixing dried beans together. Well noPrepare cannellini bean powder. You will do much more than just play!

pressure bean

It's much faster! If you haven't tried it yet, check out my reviewsThe best electric pressure cookersIt is inThe best stovetop pressure cookers, but in my opinion the best pressure cooker is theInstant Pot IP Duo60 7-in-1-Kocher.

And of course, canned pre-cooked beans are the go-to choice when you're in a hurry. Check out my detailed reviewsThe best canned beansIt is inThe best canned baked beans2023 on the market!

If you're a fan of Mexican food like me, don't miss my article.10 Secret Taco Bell Menu Items You Need to Order ASAP, or my comments on theThe best tortilla warmers, ÖThe best enchilada sauce in a can, It is inThe best mexican cookbookscurrently available.

You might want to find out tooDried beans go bad? ÖCan you microwave a chipotle burrito??

ok back toGreat Northern Bean vs. Cannellini Bean

final thoughts

When it comes down to it, these beans are different, but similar enough to pass as one. Great Northern could use Canellini's ID to get into a bar if he was wearing chunky shoes.

Although the canellinis are larger and the large northern ones are a little rounder, they taste the same and can easily be substituted in most dishes. Cannellini cooks better. Great mix of the best of the north.

But both have great bonuses. They're packed with protein and fiber, along with other vitamins and minerals that make beans more or less superfoods in their own right. And they don't actually make you fart much. She?

Enjoy your beans!

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