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Already in 2018, Wayne Koehler's golden hair north of his house quickly went and approached.

"It was along the road, so they were very visible," says Charles City, Iowa, a farmer. "I had heard some people and wondered if I wanted to sell my oats. He asked about corn and soy, it was clear that there was cleara demand that was not met ".


At the same time, oatmeal were as common as corn and soy fields that are now dominating the Midwest Landscape. In 1950, Iowa farmers grew about 6,619 million acres of oats., Iowa had patches plantations with 135,000 hectares.

However, oats have a number of advantages to add a rotation of corn and soy.

Disturb the weed cycles."It can allow farmers to obtain weeds that may develop resistance to herbicides," says Alisha Bower, practical farmers in the strategic initiative of Iowa.

Elimination nitrate.The fibrous oat root system can absorb unused nitrate nitrate (s) nitrogen (s). "This prevents nitrates from flowing in tile lines and finally to the Gulf of Mexico," says Bower.

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Extended workAs farmers plant and reap small grains before corn and soy can better extend their work during the vegetation period, says Bower.

Increased soil health.Hafer can cover a good start after harvesting after harvesting in late July or August. In 2018 and 2019, he submitted to the red clover with oats in 2018 and 2019. He saw the red clover, the later growth harvested by the hayin the fall. Food also helps erosion nothing by covering the floor until the vegetation period for a long time. To the extent that additional stability and water infiltration improve, says Bower.

Complementary income of other rotating plants.A long -term USDA ARS study at the North Central Laboratory of Northern Agricultural Research in Brookings, Dakota do Sul, showed an increase in corn return by 24%when they were not achieved in a diverse rotation of four years compared to a rotationcorn - beans.

Oats return

Koehler grew up with oats on his family's farm. In the 1980s, however, oats left many plants. A reason was the agricultural crisis of the 1980s, creates a construction of houses that do not wear so much oatmeal for bedding,He says.

However, oats appeared on Koehler's farm in the early 2000s, when he used oats as a hay nurse. Health sisters helps suppress weeds and protect the soil while establishing food harvesting.

A few years later, in 2009, Koehler aimed at the mosaics 50 hectares of his farm. "It is a challenge to get a fall of the fall, because everyone loves them," he says. To access a harvesting businessman after the harvestFrom August, if in August, the tile companies are less busy.

Koehler of net profit and soy projects discouraged and planted oats again in 2018 and 2019.

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It also sells straw in dairy farmers to leave the field to spoon. Save the remaining amount of your oat harvest and sell to different buyers in autumn and winter.


"If you look at the oat's entry costs, this is completely different from corn," says Koehler. Iowa State University culture budgets for the 2019 varying corn costs, the 218 Bushels tomorrow after soy$ 379.44 in the morning, they will reach the variable costs of oats at $ 150.75 in tomorrow, they will be much lower planted with alfalfa.

However, it is not a harvest of plants and Fabel-T, says Koehler. The conditions are born and damp help to trigger crown oxide. This fungus disease can divert somehow by choosing tolerant varieties, says Koehler. Farmers help deal withwith Roya de la Corona.

Koehler takes into account the weeds of a field when choosing the oat fields."I laugh Epweed and Canada's thistle are usually the most problematic grass," he says.

There are also concerns to worry. "If you apply a lot of nitrogen, the rods won't support oats," he says. "So I'm quite conservative and add about 50 pounds tomorrow."


"The problem of the team is undoubtedly a challenge, but this can be resolved without much effort," says Bower. A Boomen market for cultivation has created greater exercise of exercises for exercise that farmers can rent if only oats want to proveSeveral times, he adds.

The strips are a different story. After harvesting, it goes through a period of sweat when it pays moisture. Through the tracks, it allows this process, rather than risking deterioration when it occurs in a container.

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"Swathers in good condition are just a few and very separate," she says.

Save oats in a grain container with proper ventilation flooring and appropriate fan and ventilation slots can also eliminate moisture if the particular oats are combined in the vivo, says Koehler.

Oatmeal is not for everyone, says Koehler, but they can adapt to certain farms.

"Oats can work on farms that have equipment and markets," he says.


Finding markets can be a challenge for oats, but there are several branches, says Alisha Bower, manager of strategic initiatives for practical farmers in Iowa.

  • Food oats.These markets point to human consumer products such as oats.

Buyers pay a cousin for food oats. However, there is a problem because farmers need to achieve the weight of the test and the protein mirror.

"In Iowa, due to their rich soils, there is no problem with protein specifications," says Bower. "However, it is a challenge to meet the weight standards of £ 38 by Bushel."


The hot climate during the head of the head can the weight of the tests collected, so they are farmer plants in an early stage to avoid summer heat.

"Even if the floor is a little sticky, you want to push the envelope through the first plants," he says.

  • Cattle feed markets.Oats that do not correspond to human consumption standards can have cattle food. The city of Davis, in South -iowa, in 2020 oats and wheat, says Bower.
  • Covering the harvest markets.This market can be more profitable than cattle feeding, although there are many regulations that should be done, says Bower. To add a high germination, the key.
  • Goods Markets.It is true that there are no uniform trains for elevators that can be filled with oats such as corn or soy, he adds.


Sowing and chemical companies emit billions of dollars in corn hybrids and soy types.

"Hafer and other small grains could really benefit from additional research and development investments," says Alisha Bower, a strategic initiative of Iowa farmers (PFI).

The PFI, with the support of General Mills, Grein Millers, Inc.and Albert Lea Seed, leads oat attempts. While that, there are still public creation programs in western High Medium.

PFI works with public creation programs to create a variety selection tool for farmers. "Farmers could use their postal code in the postcode, and the program would foresee which variety would do best in their region," says Bower.

This tool will be tested by 2020. If you want to get involved, communicate withinfo@practicalfarmers.org.

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