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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (1)

Regina aus San Jose, CAcertified appraiser

Original review: January 16, 2023

The product is delicious and I love my daily scoop that mixes into my oat milk banana smoothie for breakfast. It blends well but I can't sleep...even after working out at the gym and swimming, taking this product keeps me up at night. Can anyone find out? I feel like a zombie on four hours of sleep a night.

Will contact Orgain and see if they can help resolve it.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (2)

Thomas de Sewickley, Pensilvaniacertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: March 29, 2022

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I like the taste and effects of Orgain. It is low carb. I am satisfied with the taste of chocolate. But I would like to see it cheaper. Also, I would love to see the chocolate flavored keto version available at Sam's Club and Costco.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (3)

Sandra de Hamilton, MTcertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original Review: March 27, 2022

I see a natural path to some girly things and I went to Orgain and they had it on the shelf. They have the MCT oil chocolate and I tried it. I tried it and it was amazing because it was sugar free and made from Protein P. My whole family fell in love with it. So we started buying it. I was bedridden for four and a half months and lost 30 pounds and was very sick and weak. I had to eat about 2,500 calories a day. That helped me because I never felt like eating. I was not hungry. It was so delicious and it tasted so good. He kept me alive because I only drank this.

I get everything from Orgain. I am currently addicted to oat milk because I have a weird problem with dairy. I can't say enough good things about it. I have a lot of people in Orgain. I'm just telling you what he did for us and how amazing it is and what the ingredients are. They are clean, organic ingredients and contain no sugar. Some of the others have 1% in them, which is fine compared to the others. So I have a lot of relatives who started it.

Here we have all the flavors. We have peanut butter, vanilla, caramel, latte and we also have mint mocha. The horchata is also very good. The chocolate flavor tastes like a chocolate milkshake or hot chocolate. You can heat it up if you want, but we really didn't like it very much. We love the cold. The others almost have a powdery taste. Nothing bad. You wouldn't even notice. My daughter is picky, but she still said that she was ok and that she really loves it.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (4)

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L. de Ga, GAcertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original Review: February 26, 2022

I have been buying Orgain's protein shake powder every day except for lunch for several years. We also have bars with us. I keep a stack of these for regular use on hikes. We also keep several boxes in our emergency reserve. My husband also drinks the powdered drink every day. He alternates between the prebiotic powder and the other one, which is for immunity. We are very satisfied with the quality. I like these things, but I tend to experiment with the more unusual flavors. I have problems with the strange taste of sugar. I prefer almost no sugar than that weird stevia taste. I would prefer if they had some interesting unsweetened flavors that you could put your own sweetener in, or maybe some type of sweetener like coconut sugar. Personally, I prefer coconut sugar because I like the depth of flavor and it doesn't have that weird aftertaste.

It is easy to get the products. The only problem I found was that once I started ordering and knew my husband would take it consistently, I joined an auto-delivery program that gave me a nice discount on my first order. Since I am a regular customer, I have a very good discount to buy, which is great. But it is much cheaper to buy so to wait for the time to receive my order. Sometimes I ask for five or six containers and I ask for them because I get these offers. I don't want them to go away.

They were very kind too. If they see I just placed a large order, they text me and say, "Your order is about to go. Do you want to get it now? Or do you want to sit down or do it later?" This was always very helpful. Because then I say no, and I can easily do it on my keyboard. I can go in and look at it and move it to a time that makes more sense. I don't mind doing it that way and still have the autodrop instead of canceling the autodrop. I get 100% back. I can only praise them. Their products are great and their service is phenomenal. They are very careful about how they ship the things they ship.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (5)

Sharon from El Paso, Texascertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: February 15, 2022

I have tried several different protein drinks that taste really horrible and I liked the Orgain. I put it in my coffee. But the price seems exceptionally high. You could lower the price and put more in the bins to last you the whole month. I need at least two containers a month.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (6)

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Cari de Graham, WAcertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original Review: February 10, 2022

I bought their pancake mix and my vegan daughter came over and said “I need this” so she bought a box. It's vegan. I love your products. They are amazing and very good quality. Some things that are healthy taste like **. But Orgain's product is very doable.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (7)

Oriana from New York, NYcertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: January 28, 2022

Orgain is a clean and healthy product. I like the taste of the shakes. I drink them almost every day. I tried collagen powder but i don't like protein powder. They don't taste good. They taste like chalk. I would like to like them, but I haven't found the right recipe or combination yet. I want to find a protein powder that I like. You can buy a sample of a powder, but it's just vanilla or chocolate. Having samples of the other flavors would be great. Also, sometimes I feel like I'm paying more on the website than in the stores.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (8)

Staci de Jacksonville, Floridacertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: January 26, 2022

I take great care of my protein powders and Orgain is very satisfying. It is a high quality product. I'm very happy. They earned my trust so I tried some of the other items they had. I really wish they would come out with a strawberry flavor. The only difficulty I had was that I have several subscriptions and in winter the store where I work is not open. I usually buy my stuff there because it's easier in the summer. But sometimes the product went there anyway when I thought the default address had changed. There have been a few times where my stuff ended up in the wrong place. Not a big deal, but it would have been helpful if Orgain had the option to change the address of all your subscriptions. Instead of just what I have in the app.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (9)

Z. de Ca, CAcertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: December 19, 2021

I like being able to store my things. I have excess supplies right now, but I don't have time to change my supplies. It would have been nice if he could have done it so easily. But otherwise I have no complaints.

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Agency Review 2023 | consumer affairs (10)

Rose of Newton, New Jerseycertified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: November 24, 2021

I like the product because my son takes it to school and they like it. You don't like strawberry. You love chocolate. One of my sons is a very picky eater so that makes up for it a bit. I need you to get some kind of food somewhere.

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