30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (2023)

Posted: April 6, 2022

Author:Maria Kowalenko

There are many ways to learn about digital marketing, but attending conferences is the best.


There's a great quote from Benjamin Franklin: "Tell me and I'll forget, teach me and maybe I'll remember, participate and I'll learn." That's what a lecture is all about: it engages you through interactive sessions, debates and discussion forums in the learning process.

This year there will be many digital marketing events both online and offline. We have compiled a list of thirty must-attend lectures if you want to gain knowledge and improve your skills.

Here are some of the best digital marketing conferences that we will take a closer look at in this post:

  • Olympus online digital edition
  • Martech Summit
  • MozCon
  • SEO in Brighton
  • FMDM mundial

To help you navigate through all of these events, we've put together a handy printable calendar:

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (1)

Now let's take a look at what each conference has to offer.

1.Olympus online digital edition

The Digital Olympus Online Edition is a virtual event that brings together professionals from different areas of digital marketing. The list of speakers includes experts from well-known companies such as Kalicube, SEMrush, Orainti, MINUTTIA and many others.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (2)

The main focus of this conference is to help attendees learn about the latest trends in SEO, digital PR, and other digital marketing strategies. A lot of attention is also paid to link building, sincedigital olympusis an agency that offers link building services. In addition, all lectures prepared by the speakers are based on case studies and focus on imparting practical knowledge.

What is the best thing about this event?

You too can expand your network, no matter what industry you come from. The conference does not only focus on B2B companies. A number of speakers will provide valuable insights for e-commerce businesses.

Term:29. April 2022

For whom:everyone who wants to learn about the latest trends in digital marketing (especially SEO, digital PR and link building) and expand their network.

Now let's move on to the next event on our list.


Companies are investing thousands of dollars inleading generationto grow your customer base, reduce churn and improve customer relationships. Also, knowing the latest lead generation and demand trends can help you outperform your competitors. You can learn all this and more at LeadsCon in Las Vegas.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (3)

The lectures prepared by the speakers cover all kinds of topics related to lead generation, including customer acquisition strategies that work in any market, customer retention, improving customer experience and automating lead generation.

However, the best thing about this conference is the discussion forums, where attendees meet with the speakers to discuss case studies and use cases from real companies.

Term:March 21-23, 2022

For whom:Business owners who want to up their lead generation game and learn new strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Do you want to know if there is a similar conference in Europe? Then the next one definitely deserves your attention.

3.E-Marketing Paris

E-Marketing Paris is a digital marketing conference that brings together experts specialized in email marketing, CSR, agency marketing and public relations, data analysis and online sales.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (4)

However, e-Marketing Paris is not a typical digital marketing conference. It's a three-day event that gives attendees access to presentations from speakers like Rachel Marouani of Make-Up Forever and Frank Desvignes of AXA, keynotes and workshops on SEO, marketing automation, employee advocacy and e-commerce.

All attendees can also attend the e-Marketing Paris Exhibition, a unique event where global companies showcase their services and share success stories. You may have the opportunity to speak to representatives from Adobe, Cision, DepositPhotos, La Poste, TrustPilot and many others. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your network and find new partners.

Term:March 29-31, 2022

For whom:Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and agency owners interested in expanding their digital marketing strategies through networking and partnerships.

Let's take a look at another conference taking place in Europe this spring.

4.Marketing Digital Europe

This is a large-scale digital marketing conference that helps attendees gain industry-specific knowledge. The list of speakers is pretty impressive too: you may know Sarah Sal from Hootuiste, Jason Bernard from Calicube (also speaking in the Digital Olympus Online Edition), Stephanie Gutnik from Yahoo Canada, and many more.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (5)

What topics will the speakers discuss?

The list is quite extensive:

  • Marke
  • social media
  • mobiles Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • SEO
  • Marketing Automation
  • user experience
  • content marketing
  • Affiliate-Marketing
  • Junk-Mail
  • data and analytics

Therefore, you need to create a personalized schedule to ensure you attend the workshops, discussion forums, presentations, and lectures that really interest you.

Term:March 29-31, 2022

For whom:All industry professionals, from novice to expert, who want to get in-depth knowledge of digital marketing first-hand from global experts.

Let's see what's next on our list.

5.SEO in Brighton

Brighton SEO is a collection of events, both online and offline, aimed at search engine marketers to help them network and share industry experience and knowledge. This conference is very popular with SEO professionals.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (6)

So what events at the Brighton SEO conference can you attend?

If you are unable to attend the event offline, you can still watch it online and stream all the talks.

Term:6th-8th April 2022. The online conference will take place from April 21-22. April 2022.

For whom:SEO professionals who want to expand their knowledge and focus on their work more efficiently.

Let's see what the next event has in store for us.

6.digmar with it

For those who miss the pre-pandemic days, in-person events and real-world networking, this conference is a perfect opportunity to meet with other professionals in the digital marketing industry. DigiMarCon East is a two-day conference and exhibition taking place in New York City.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (7)

The conference brings together speakers and experts to deliver keynotes, hold strategy sessions, cover case studies and engage in discussions on the following topics:

  • Account Based Marketing
  • behavior and neuromarketing
  • content marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Data Science in Digital Marketing
  • Junk-Mail
  • Paid search and online advertising
  • Public Relations and Cause Marketing
  • Influencer-Marketing
  • SEO
  • Marketing-Podcast
  • virales Marketing
  • network analyst

Created by marketers for marketers, the conference agenda focuses on what really matters in the industry right now. And if you can't make it to the New York event, you can catch it on the international stage in Chicago, Sydney, London, Miami, Dubai and many other cities around the world.

Term:April 21 and 22, 2022

For whom:Senior marketers, branders, entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing leaders who want to expand their knowledge and share insights into current trends in digital marketing.

Now let's move on to the next conference and see what it has to offer.

7.MarTech meetings

If you are interested in events that focus on the mix of marketing and technology, the MarTech Summit is the perfect opportunity for you. The conference will take place in Singapore at the end of April.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (8)

What distinguishes this event from the previous ones?

It focuses more on teaching you how to use marketing technology to deliver a quality customer experience. All keynote speakers are from big companies like Adobe, Asana, Impact, Coca-Cola and Brandwatch. You also have the opportunity to speak to the WWF Director of Marketing and Communications.

All activities at this conference aim to help attendees learn more about UX, brand loyalty and retention, ecommerce marketing, content marketing and storytelling, SEO and SEM.

Data:April 27 and 28, 2022

For whom:Executives such as CMOs, senior managers and directors looking to improve their digital marketing strategies and find new partnerships.

What can you expect from the next event on our list? Read on to find out.

8.B2B meetings in North America

Organized by Forrester, a leading research and consulting agency, the B2B Summit North America conference in Austin brings together leading experts to discuss B2B marketing. So if you are coming from or interested in a B2B businessdigital marketing for SaaS, This event is for you.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (9)

It's worth noting that this is a hybrid event, meaning you can attend in person or online from anywhere in the world.

what will you learn

First and foremost, this conference is dedicated to communicating as much as possible about current trends in the B2B customer experience. Workshops, lectures and other activities cover everything from different digital marketing strategies to data analysis. It's also your chance to earn one of Forrester's marketing certifications.

Term:May 2-4, 2022

For whom:B2B sales and marketing professionals looking for new ways to improve their approach to digital marketing.

How about the world of social media marketing? Is there a conference for this? Yes, check out the next one on our list!

9.Social Media Strategies Summit: Public Bodies and Governments

If you run a government agency or do digital marketing for an NGO, this event is perfect for you. The conference lasts two days and includes 15 sessions organized in virtual format.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (10)

The purpose of this event is to help public and government bodies learn how to use social media to humanize their online presence. Activities focus on helping participants build meaningful relationships with social media followers and increase engagement in their online communities.

What makes this conference special?

The line-up of speakers, no doubt. It is composed only of representatives of various government agencies and NGOs. Her presentations cover social media practices that have worked for her, as well as use cases and case studies to help you create your own successful social media strategy.

Term:May 9-12, 2022

For whom:Marketing professionals from public and governmental bodies as well as NGOs.

Then comes another social media marketing conference that might interest you.

10Social Media Strategy Summit: First Responders

This event will be organized alongside the previous one but will focus on first responders and how they can use social media to reach a larger audience with their message.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (11)

However, the list of speakers for this event is different. It includes representatives from the sheriff's offices, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Metropolitan Police Departments. His talks cover the ins and outs of building a social media strategy for first responders and how to effectively grow your online presence.

There is also the opportunity to interact with the speakers, so don't miss this event, it is definitely one of a kind.

Term:May 9-12, 2022

For whom:EMTs, Firefighters, Paramedics, Police Officers and any First Responders marketing for their agencies.

Let's move on to the next conference on our list.

11DigiMarCon Canada

Do you remember DigiMarCon This? DigiMarCon Canada is related to this, but will deal with other topics. Let's take a closer look at them.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (12)

This conference brings together speakers from renowned companies such as Microsoft, Hootsuite, PayPal, Unilever, Google, SEMrush, etc. who will present their presentations on:

  • The future of web marketing
  • content marketingand narration
  • Ensure customer privacy
  • Write
  • Development of the search strategy.
  • virales Marketing

Mike Hines, Amazon's Head of Partner Success, will also present the case study of Amazon's experiences with rewards campaigns. Of course you cannot miss this opportunity!

Term:May 12 and 13, 2022

For whom:Entrepreneurs, branding specialists, executives, senior marketers and all other professionals who want to expand their knowledge in digital marketing.

What does the next event on our list hold?

12im Orbit

If you are interested in a conference tailored for digital marketing beginners, this is your best choice. inOrbit will take place in Slovenia this year and will bring together more than 30 speakers who will give presentations on marketing, e-commerce, B2B, etc.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (13)

The best part of this event is the series of workshops that take place the day before the event begins. Led by top experts, these workshops will help you gain practical skills in:

  • technical SEO
  • agency growth
  • Influencer-Marketing
  • UX for SEO and Marketing

Access to these events is purchased separately, but you can choose the ones that add the most value to your business. The conference itself also includes sessions where you can gain skills and knowledge to scale your business.

Term:May 17 and 18, 2022

For whom:Digital marketing beginners and experts looking to increase the ROI of their funnels and improve the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Let's read on to find out what the next conference could bring.

13Gartner Marketing-Symposium

Gartner is a well-known research and consulting firm; You've probably read their reports and case studies at least once if you're from the digital marketing community. This year, Gartner is hosting a three-day symposium for all marketers looking for insight and insight.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (14)

The key feature of this event is the focus on providing strategic information from Gartner's in-depth investigation of cases from various companies around the world. The agency is also organizing a comprehensive program for CMOs as part of the conference agenda to help them grow their network.

Topics covered during this event include:

  • marketing leadership
  • Marketing Data and Analytics
  • customer experience
  • Multichannel-Marketing
  • martech
  • Business strategy

You can also attend an exhibition showcasing top marketing technology innovations from big companies and startups that you can use to accelerate your digital marketing success.

Term:May 23-25, 2022

For whom:Marketing managers and CMOs looking for networking opportunities: This conference features multiple interactive sessions and thought leadership presentations.

What about conferences that focus on consumer-brand relationships? The next on our list covers just that!

14Strategic Marketing

The goal of every seller is to develop a personalized customer experience that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you're interested in it too, but don't have the skills, the Strategic Marketing conference is just the place for you to expand your knowledge. Incidentally, it takes place in San Diego, California and is organized by Reuters.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (15)

What will you learn at this event?

  • How to create a purpose-driven, data-driven customer experience
  • Integration of innovative UX techniques
  • Customer Feedback Management
  • Find partnerships that improve the relationship between the consumer and the brand
  • How to cultivate trust
  • How to market your product to younger generations

At this conference, you'll have the opportunity to meet digital marketing leaders such as Intel's Karen Walker, Wells Fargo's Holly Hynes, EA's David Tinson and Walmart's Courtney Carlson.

Term:June 1st and 2nd, 2022

For whom:Marketing leaders who want to enable more meaningful customer relationships.

Are you interested in events related to digital marketing for e-commerce? Then the next one is definitely something for you!

15.electronic tail

If you own an online business and want to up your online marketing game, you must attend the eTail Asia event. The conference brings together well-known retailers from across Asia to give you a first-hand insight into their experience.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (16)

The speakers attending this event will cover the following topics:

  • Technological trends in retail and how to incorporate them
  • How to use marketing automation to increase sales
  • How to capitalize on hybrid retail opportunities
  • Scale personalization to increase sales
  • Optimizing your e-commerce website
  • How to ensure your business grows in the current economic climate

All lectures, seminars and networking sessions include real case studies and use cases from renowned companies operating worldwide.

Term:June 7-9, 2022

For whom:Ecommerce business owners and entrepreneurs looking for growth opportunities.

Let's go back to the world of social media and look at another conference that definitely deserves your attention.

sixteen.Social Media and Influencer Strategies Summit

This event is for anyone who wants to learn more about social media and how to involve influencers in their digital marketing. The Social Media & Influencer Strategies Summit takes place online, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (17)

Experts like Hewlett Packard's Katie Boydston, Sony Pictures Entertainment's Marie Lewis, Hulu's Glenn Woods and many more have already prepared their keynotes to help you gain in-depth knowledge on the following topics:

  • Take creative risks to grow your social media presence
  • Tips and trends in creating Instagram content
  • How to create successful influencer campaigns
  • How to build influencer-friendly partnerships
  • Use of UGC and storytelling in social media marketing

The conference will also address the topics of reaching wellness and avoiding burnout for social media marketers, which are just as important as developing a world-class strategy.

Term:June 7-10, 2022

For whom:Social media managers who want to build stronger online communities.

It's time for the next talk on our list, so let's get down to business.

17Growth Marketing Meeting

In recent years you may have noticed a growing interest in growth marketing and growth hacking, which are essentially about the combination of technology and automation, marketing and psychology, data mining and analytics. If you're interested in learning more about how growth marketing works, be sure to join this digital meeting.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (18)

So what growth marketing topics will be covered at this conference?

Here are some that might interest you:

  • Behavioral design and digital growth
  • How to use customer feedback
  • A/B test case studies
  • Use emotional triggers to drive conversions
  • How to use copywriting to increase conversions
  • Using data to predict user behavior

The list of speakers includes experts specializing in conversion optimization, design and paid content marketing. The presentations will be in the format of TED talks, followed by networking sessions where you can ask the speakers a few questions.

Term:15. June 2022

For whom:Marketers interested in improving their growth hacking knowledge.

Let's move on to the next conference on our list.

18Marketing Analysis Conference

If you're looking to brush up on your marketing analysis skills, be sure to add this event to your calendar. The Marketing Analytics Summit brings together experts specializing in marketing data and using it to accelerate growth.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (19)

In particular, you will acquire knowledge of:

  • Google Analytics
  • Customer privacy
  • Data measurement in intercultural international marketing
  • Data Transformation Ecosystem
  • Building a data science portfolio
  • Information about the customer journey
  • Account-Based Marketing Analytics
  • A/B-Tests

The best part of this gathering is the face-to-face orientation sessions with one of the conference's keynote speakers, Jim Sterne. He is the founder of this summit and co-founder of the Digital Analytics Association.

Term:June 20-23, 2022

For whom:Marketers who want to improve their analytical skills.

Let's move on to the next conference on our list.

19World Forum for Digital Marketing

This event is for anyone who wants to learn more about the challenges of digital marketing. The World Digital Marketing Forum focuses on digital marketing technologies, AI, VR, UX, CX, influencer marketing, analytics, etc.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (20)

As a participant you will also have the opportunity to visit an exhibition organized by the sponsors of this event. Most of them, like Connective3 and Social Native, are digital marketing agencies, so you'll have the opportunity to learn loads of useful case studies.

That being said, 56% of attendees come from senior management, so it's a great opportunity to expand your network and find new partnerships.

Term:June 23 and 24, 2022

For whom is that:Marketers of all levels interested in marketing innovation.

Our next event is for social media marketers and anyone looking to improve their marketing efforts.

20Social Media Summit

This is a one-day conference taking place in Brussels, focusing on the best social media marketing success stories of the year. So, of course, there will be first-hand presentations from companies that have found success with their social media strategies.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (21)

We thought you might be particularly interested in hearing TikTok's Alexandra Psalmon-Lelubre talk about the company's growth and achievements in 2021. Vans' Martina Borroni will also be in attendance. Definitely find your keynote speech valuable.

The best thing about this conference is the level of interactivity it offers. The event includes networking sessions where you can share your case and get feedback from industry experts.

Term:24. June 2022

For whom:Social media marketers who want to learn from the successes of the world's leading companies.

What does the next event have in store for us? let's find out


SEO skills are a must for a digital marketer. However, if you decide to improve your SEO knowledge, then you should only do it with the help of specialists who will not only show you the theory, but also explain how to apply it in practice. MozCon is the place to look for these experts.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (22)

This is what this conference will cover:

  • The latest trends in search engine optimization
  • mobiles Marketing
  • search marketing
  • technical SEO
  • local search

So basically this event covers all the skills you need to master SEO. Plus, networking sessions with speakers like Orbit Media's Andy Crestodina, Wix's Crystal Carter, and Moz's Pete Meyers give you the chance to ask questions and apply your newfound knowledge.

Term:July 11-13, 2022

For whom:SEOs and digital marketers who want to network with other industry professionals and learn from their experiences.

What do we have next?

22Digital and social media conference

Organized by ANA, this event invites everyone who wants to learn more about digital marketing and social media in particular. It will be a three day event led by top speakers from companies such as Hershey, Mattel and many others.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (23)

What does this event promise the participants?

First, you have access to sessions based on real-life cases from these companies. Led by advertising and social media professionals, these sessions include active discussions, so it's also an opportunity to expand your network.

Term:July 18-20, 2022

For whom:Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of digital marketing, online advertising and social media.

Now back to SEO events.

23Deep SEO

The purpose of this conference is to bring together all people who want to learn more about SEO but also allow them to get as much information as possible from lectures and networking sessions. The agenda for this conference is designed to allow attendees access to all masterclasses and presentations without exception.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (24)

Most speakers have significant digital marketing and SEO experience, so their presentations are sure to bring strategic ideas to the table. Their presentations will help you learn:

  • user experience
  • seek recovery
  • search intent
  • information architecture
  • Brand and SEO

The best thing about this event is that the topics covered are useful for SEOs of all levels, whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Term:23.-26. August 2022

For whom:Search engine optimization professionals and digital marketers who want to learn more about SEO.

Let's go to our next conference.

24DigiMarCon UK

Another version of the DigiMarCon East event on our list will be in London. DigiMarCon UK is a conference and exhibition for companies around the world looking for new partnerships and looking to take their digital marketing skills to the next level.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (25)

Basically, this event deals with the same topics as DigiMarCon East, namely:

  • Social-Media-Marketing
  • Influencer-Marketing
  • SEO
  • Public relations and link building
  • Junk-Mail
  • data science
  • content marketing

These are just some examples. The conference will also have an exhibition where you can reserve a booth and showcase your company's use cases. This is a fantastic opportunity to find new partners.

Term:1st and 2nd September 2022

For whom:Digital marketers of all levels and industries looking to expand their network.

What's our next event? Let's find out!

25Festival-Vibe Martech

If you love marketing technology and want to use it to accelerate your marketing success, this conference gives you all the opportunities to do so. It brings together 1,500+ marketing industry leaders and 40+ martech solution providers so you can see their products in action instantly.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (26)

The conference will cover the most in-demand martech solutions, including:

  • Customer Data Platforms
  • Marketinganalyse
  • Social media analysis and listening
  • Data unification, visualization and presentation
  • Marketing Automation and CRM
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in personalization

The aim is to present the advantages of marketing technology and show how you can integrate it into your digital marketing strategy.

Term:September 6th and 7th, 2022

For whom:anyone interested in adopting and integrating marketing technology.

Let us continue.


It's no secret that inbound marketing is more effective than outbound marketing when it comes to growth. Statistics back it up and show it82% two sellersConfirm a positive ROI of your inbound marketing strategies. In the next talk on our list, you'll learn all about these strategies and how to apply them to your business. It will take place in Boston in September.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (27)

So what does this conference offer?

Powered by HubSpot, INBOUND brings together digital marketers and thought leaders from various industries, both B2B and B2C. The focus is on marketing, sales, customer success and revenue growth. So it's an all-in-one event for marketers who want to learn first-hand from leading experts.

Term:September 6-9, 2022

For whom:Marketing professionals who want to learn from the experience of one of the biggest players in the digital marketing industry.

On to our next event.

27DigiMarCon Europe

Another version of the DigiMarCon East conference, DigiMarCon Europe, will be held in Amsterdam this fall, bringing together top speakers and marketers to share their unique experiences and insights.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (28)

The list of speakers includes representatives from SEMrush, Hootsuite, Twitch, Amazon, Deloitte and many other well-known companies. Most of them will also host workshops and discussion forums.

This conference is also an incredible opportunity to learn from dozens of case studies. For example, KLM Airlines' Sharon Geervliet will give a session on how the company uses social media to build a strong online presence. You don't want to miss this.

Term:September 8th and 9th, 2022

For whom:any salesperson who wants to learn firsthand from the best companies.

What's next on our list?

28World Content Marketing Conference and Expo

Content is the basis of all marketing strategies. That's why it's so important to stay as informed as possible about the latest content marketing trends and connect with the right people. The "Content Marketing World" conference offers you both possibilities. You can attend in person in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (29)

These are some of the topics that will be covered in this conference:

  • Development and distribution of content
  • Content review and analysis
  • Development of a content strategy.
  • content for social networks
  • visual narrative
  • Write
  • Junk-Mail
  • SEO and content marketing

So basically you get a complete learning course to help you gain practical skills.

Term:September 13-16, 2022

For whom:Content marketers of all skill levels looking for ways to improve their work.

We have two more conferences on our list, let's get to them.


This is another great content marketing event for anyone looking to sharpen their strategies and learn more about the latest content technologies. It's also a great opportunity to network with like-minded people.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (30)

How is this event different from the previous one?

The focus of this conference is to help companies engage their entire workforce in the production of quality content. The keynotes therefore not only focus on the development of a content strategy, but also on the optimization of content logistics.

You can also follow this conference live.

Term:October 23-26

For whom:Professionals interested in expanding their network and using martech to optimizeContent-Marketing-Workflows.

Let's come to the last conference. what did you save

30World Digital Marketing Forum Europa

The DMWF event takes place in Amsterdam this year and brings together the global digital marketing community. The range of topics covered in this conference covers everything a digital marketer needs to know, from marketing automation to data analysis, content marketing to UX and CX.

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (31)

This four-day event will also bring together exhibitors from a number of well-known companies, including Pulsar and Netbase Quid, both consumer intelligence platforms. Therefore, the information you get from them will surely be useful for your own digital marketing strategy.

If you are unable to attend in person, there will also be an online version of this conference.

Term:November 21 and 22, 2022

For whom:Marketing managers and executives interested in marketing innovation.

Be sure to register for this event to receive a 60% discount!

And you

And that's a wrap! All of these conferences bring something valuable to the table, so every marketer will find something useful in attending each one. Plus, registering for a conference opens the door to incredible networking opportunities and new partnerships, so don't miss out!

Not sure which conference to start with?Subscribe to the digital Olympus Online EditionYou can participate from anywhere in the world!

30 Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2022 (Virtual and In-person) (32)

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