14+ easy alphabet learning exercises for kids (2023)

Learning the ABCs is the foundation of reading and writing, and you should start teaching your child from an early age.

Teaching children the alphabet can often seem like a daunting task, as it is necessary to build a solid foundation for developing higher level skills.

The last thing you want is for flashcard learning to become stressful or frustrating. The goal is not to memorize letters and spit them out, but to interact and grow with what they are learning now.

When should you start teaching your child the alphabet?

The good news is that kids love learning like sponges!

Your baby can begin to memorize the alphabet by learning ABC songs around 18 months, but identifying and identifying letters is a skill that takes later.

You can start learning the alphabet for kids around the age of 2, but you can start even earlier.

However, that doesn't mean your child has mastered the entire alphabet by the age of two. Two is just the age at which they can recognize letters here and there.

Don't overwhelm your child by showing him the entire alphabet at once. Practice one letter at a time and your child should be mastering it in no time.

How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet

children usually startletter recognitionStart with your own name, then identify all other letters.

make sure you have your kidsPay attention to upper and lower case letters when studying. Most children learn all uppercase letters first, but lowercase letters are the letters they see most often when they read or see words.

Incorporate the alphabet into everyday activities

One of the best things about teaching children the alphabet is the simple activities you can do throughout the day. Here are some of my favorite shapes:

board book

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If you haven't already, reading to your child is very important and very helpful in their development. Exposure to books can help them begin to recognize letters.

Each book offers many benefits for letter recognition as your child grows, but large letter board books are best for toddlers learning the alphabet.This bookHelp your child learn the alphabet by having them trace letters with their fingers and play flip games.

ABC toys

14+ easy alphabet learning exercises for kids (2)

There are many different toys on the market that can help children learn the alphabet. try to find these toysletter matching puzzleHave your child match the shapes of the letters.

14+ easy alphabet learning exercises for kids (3)

magnetic lettersThey are also great. They can be kept in the freezer so they can play with the letters while cooking.

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science of names

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Writing your child's name on a piece of paper and looking at each letter is a great way to help your child identify the letters in the name. You can do a "rainbow name" exercise by asking them to trace the letters in different colors.

14+ easy alphabet learning exercises for kids (5)

oxygenJigsaw puzzle with the name bloom owlThis is a great way for your child to learn the alphabet of his name. They'll love playing with the puzzles as they begin to recognize the letters they've been seeing.

14+ easy alphabet learning exercises for kids (6)

sing an ABC song

Singing ABC songs is a great way to help your child learn alphabet order. For an activity like letter recognition, you can sing a song and point to a letter while helping them identify the letter's name based on its shape.

Printable workbooks and worksheets

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working folder andpractice sheetGreat tool for helping kids learn the alphabet and teaching them what the letters look like. Even if they still can't track them down, it's still a good idea to give them access to the letters.

on paper it shows

By far the easiest way to teach children the alphabet and letter sounds is toLeaping Frog is now on Netflix. These include Letter Factory, Phonics Farm, and more. If you have Netflix, you can watch these shows! My 20 month old recited all the letter sounds because he loved the show!

Games and Activities for Learning the Alphabet

When young children learn by playing and exploring their environment, they can better understand this through the hands-on approach to learning. Finding fun games and activities is a great way to teach your child the alphabet, making it an engaging learning experience.

Every child also has their own learning style. Some children learn best by jumping up and down, touching objects with their fingers, or listening to music.

Here are some games and activities that use the senses to enjoy learning the alphabet. In fact, they don't require you to write the letters, so they're great for kids when you're teaching them the alphabet.

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alphabet soup

14+ easy alphabet learning exercises for kids (8)

This activity is great for toddlers as it helps them interact with the letters and have fun. You can help them by asking which letter they found and matching the sound of that letter.

writing leavewith shaving cream

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Writing letters with shaving cream was one of the ways my mom helped me learn the alphabet when I was a kid. I remember having fun writing with shaving cream.

ABC hide and seek

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Bury some letters in rice (beans work too!) and let your kids find them. This is a great way to get them involved and help them learn how to put letters together. Another way to change this setting is to combine uppercase and lowercase letters and vice versa.

feed the alphabet monster

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Feeding the Alphabet Monster is a fun and silly way to help kids learn the alphabet. You can leave the letters alone and mix them later. Another way to make this game more complicated is to have uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter.

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sticky alphabet tree

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I love this game for teaching kids the alphabet! I think it's both beautiful and functional. You can help your child associate words with each letter, such as "A is for apple" or "B is for bear". As they become more proficient, you can ask them to say a word that begins with a letter of their choice.

Erase letters with dry erase

It's a multisensory activitywhiteboardEuropean Uniondry quenching markor eraser to help your child learn to recognize letters. Tell them you'll give them a letter to find. Then they need to position it on the board and remove it. This is great for little ones who have no control over writing the actual strokes.

Teaching children the alphabet doesn't have to be complicated, and learning through play is a great way to build a solid foundation for letter recognition. There are many simple everyday activities you can do to help your child learn.

The best part is, if you teach older kids the alphabet, they can help younger kids learn!

Hope you find some practical ways to incorporate teaching your kids the alphabet into your routine and some fun games!

14+ easy alphabet learning exercises for kids (14)

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